Taking The Plunge

taking a photo

Sometimes I crack myself up.  I have wanted to take a photography class for years.  Literally.  Since we lived in Connecticut.  So you’d think when the opportunity presented itself, I was excited.  No, I was actually nervous and scared as all get out!  I haven’t sat in a classroom in so long.  And what if there are people like 10 years younger than me?  I would feel so out of place.  What if the class is way too advanced for my photographic skills?  Homework?  I haven’t had homework since high school.  And then there were the commitment issues.  Six weeks where I had to be in town?  For us traveling Price’s, that is some serious commitment.

BUT I decided I needed to “take the plunge” and just do it!  And the beautiful thing is that I’m taking the class with my great friend, Courtney.  And now I am EXCITED!  Three hours, one day a week, learning more about something I love, with a little girl time thrown in.  It’s going to be grand!

I’m really excited about the curriculum.  It’s an Intermediate class that focuses on learning more about your camera’s features including controlling sharpness and exposure, using the flash and lighting, and capturing color, to name a few.  I’m looking forward to putting what I learn into practice and taking better photos!  I start next Wednesday!

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