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Home Schooling Begins

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First of all, I want to say thank you to everyone who has given me advice, suggestions, and websites as I’ve started the home schooling journey.  After much searching and prayer, I feel like I’ve found a curriculum that feels right for me and my kids.  It wasn’t an easy decision and I have spent months trying to take all the pieces and see which one is a good fit.  But you know how you just get that sense of peace that can’t be explained any other way but that it’s God?  Well, that is exactly what has happened.

So for those of you interested, I chose Heart of Dakota.  I love the Christ-centered approach and the learning that takes place through history and Bible reading.  And since I am the teacher, I love the easy to follow lesson plans!  Heart of Dakota carries a lot of the same philosophies as the Charlotte Mason approach which I also love.  Her method centers around the idea that education is three-pronged: Education is an Atmosphere, a Discipline, a Life.  The Heart of Dakota curriculum focuses around God’s word and instilling Godly character in our children while learning through many different facets.  I love that!  I love the idea that the classroom isn’t limited to a table, a chair, and a book.

I am also incorporating the interest led approach.  While we must do math, reading, etc., I want to encourage the areas that the kids are really interested in.  Hence, the brain that you see in the photo…Joshua’s really interested in science!

Since deciding on a curriculum, I have spent weeks gathering readers and necessary books from resale shops, and now we are ready to start on Monday!  The kids were jumping for joy when I announced the big day.  I know there will be some challenges and bumps in the road, but I am definitely excited!

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