Photography 101…Advanced Composition & Basic People Lighting

We talked about many different things in this class including the pre-programmed settings on your camera like portrait, landscape, sports, etc.  You will never want to use those little settings once you start using manual!  I mean I guess it’s nice in a sense, because the camera saves you some time by setting everything for you, but it also means you have less control!

an example of bracketing taken from here 

We also learned what bracketing is.  A very cool technique if you like post processing editing.  (I don’t particularly enjoy it but sometimes it’s fun to play around with it!)  We learned about different types of lighting and taking portraits.  It’s all a bit too long to post on here.  One tip that I will share with you is the idea of using a reflector.  I’ve never done this but when taking photos indoors, you can place something white directly across from your light source (like a window) to reflect the light onto your subject.  You can also cover a piece of cardboard with tin foil creating a sparkle in the subject’s eyes.  I want to try this at some point.

my boy
ISO 200, aperture f/5.6, shutter 1/160

Our assignment for this class was to bring in something showing good composition.  I chose one of my favorite subjects to show the rule of thirds.  Isn’t he cute?   I also chose a photo I took on our drive back from S. Texas last weekend.  I love windmills and I was trying to create some balance in the photo with the windmill, the barn, and the cows.  A classic Texas scene!

texas scene
ISO 200, aperture f/5, shutter 1/640

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