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Sweet Cousins

This week I started the task of organizing my thousands of photos.  No exaggeration, my friends.  I currently have over 8,300 photos that need to be printed, organized, and burned onto discs.  You could say I’m a little behind.  You would think, after my computer being stolen last year and losing several months of pictures, that I would be better about backing up my photos.  Well, I haven’t gotten better, but I’m working on it.  My photography class is reminding me that I MUST back up!  So the task lingers while I spend hours working on saving the memories of my loved ones. 

joshua and zoe

As I was working on this task, I came across this photo and it struck me in a way that it didn’t when I took it.  Sweet cousins, just together, doing nothing in particular.  Joshua loves his cousin, Zoe.  I think because their birthdays are only a day apart, he’s held a special place in his heart for her.  I love how he’s looking down in her direction with his finger ready like he’s her protector.  I love that they are both wearing some of my hand knits.  And I love that there is nothing posed about this photo.  They are such sweet cousins.

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