Here I Am…

…sitting at Starbuck’s.  After what seemed like a long home schooling day with rain outside, I needed to get out.  And then I started to chicken out.  No, it’s rainy outside and it’s dark.  I should just stay home.  My wonderful husband, wise in his words, said, “You should go.  You’ll be glad you did.”  Yes, so wise, because of course, I will be glad to get out, get some time to myself.  And he will benefit, because I’ll come back a much happier person.  

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So…I’m sitting here trying to write, listening to the three ladies to my right talk about nothing in particular.  I have no real theme in mind.  Hence, the rambling.  I’ve been posting every day for over a year and a half now.  I always wondered if I would run out of words.  Am I?  Some sites say women speak 20,000 words a day (compared to a man’s 7,000) so how could I possibly run out of words?  Well, if your mind is consumed with teaching your kids how to read and processing the deep thoughts running through your finite brain, then it’s pretty much mush that starts coming out.  I can’t even seem to finish a simple knitting project!

But I’m ok with that.  It’s a new month and even a new season.  This week we officially enter into our neutral zone of our sabbatical.  Up until this point, we’ve still been doing some work stuff…fund raising and sharing with people here about the ministry in Africa.  It all comes to a screeching halt this week.  We’ve rested here and there, but now we will start a deliberate rest, disengaging from pretty everything but our family.  I think I’m almost giddy with excitement.  At the same time, discipline will be kicking in to avoid checking email, facebook, or anything that might hinder that rest.  I thank you for any prayers lifted up for us!

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