Price Olympics

We were able to watch the first several days of the Olympics before we moved, but we haven’t gotten cable yet, so we’ve missed most of it. Our Olympic viewing was reduced to the occasional WalMart trip with a stop by electronics to catch a glimpse of the games. We did try, however, to keep the Olympic spirit going by doing activities of our own. A wonderful rainy day, home school break sort of thing.

olympic flag

We started out by talking about the history of the Olympics and coloring the Olympic flag. Next we moved onto re-creating the ski jump! So fun! I just love art projects.

ski jump

Then we moved on to some sock skating which was broken into 2 parts…figure skating (Emma G’s favorite) and speed skating (Joshua’s favorite). Those were 2 of the events we actually saw. Emma Grace was mesmerized by the beautiful outfits and Joshua couldn’t believe how fast the speed skaters moved! We did see Apolo Ohno’s win when the Koreans took themselves out.

figure skating
my settings were out of whack on this one but I love her hair flying around and Joshua laughing in the background 🙂

silly skater
get set, go!

After all that, we had the medal ceremony. Joshua gave Emma Grace a medal for speed skating which he called “little sparkles.” Emma Grace awarded Joshua the “sweet brother” in figure skating. We eventually returned to our school work as the kids excitedly made plans to continue their Olympic fun later!

joshua's medal
emma's medal

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