little frog

Yes, that’s the sound a frog makes! And yes, that’s the name of the pattern that makes this very cute frog!  Another blogger said it, but I believe it has to be true.  Susan B. Anderson is a toy knitting genius.  This is only the first pattern of hers that I’ve knit, but I’ve browsed Itty-Bitty Toys, and the stuff in there is just absolutely gorgeous!  One day it will be mine!

on the stump

Anyway, back to the frog at hand!  I knit Ribbit for that special baby boy whose birth I was able to be a part of.  I think knit toys are just the best.  They just seem so hand made.  So natural.  So special.

among the flowers

This little guy has been patiently sitting on top of my books on our desk, just waiting until he could go to his new owner.  We had a “Sip and See” this weekend so Emma Grace gave this as her present to Ty.  I hope he likes it as much as my two have liked it!  The instant they saw ribbit, they wanted one of their own!

holding ribbit
playing with ty

Oh, and this is also the “see how many different places we can take pictures of a knitted frog” post.  I guess you never know where those things will hop to!

on the pots

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