Taking A Long Weekend

Well, it’s Friday, and I’m taking a long weekend.  It’s not a holiday or anything but I decided I needed it.  I can do that.  And besides that’s the order of this season…to rest and take breaks.  Beautiful, isn’t it?

breakfast menu

So the order of the weekend…laugh at a Saturday girl’s brunch, decorate our place by putting art on the walls, read in the middle of the day while the kids play, possibly do some baking (that is if it flows into my day and if it feels enjoyable), hopefully take pictures at the birth of Christine’s baby (fingers crossed right, Christine?)

So I’ll be back Tuesday, maybe even Wednesday if I need an extra day.  We’ll see.  I know you understand because all of you have been so supportive of this sabbatical.  For that, I thank you from the bottom of my heart.  I didn’t know what reaction I would get when I announced that I would simply be taking a season of rest, but all of you have been amazing.  Thank you!  So here’s hoping you have a lovely weekend filled with laughter, smiles, and all the things you love!

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