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Ladies Time!

The other night I had a fun ladies hang out time!  I love ladies hang out time!  The conversation goes all over the place, there’s plenty of laughter, and you come home refreshed.  Ahhh, it’s bliss.  As I think about the four of us who chatted over coffee, it’s really quite remarkable.  One I went to high school with (in a different town), one I’ve known for 11 years since my early days at YWAM, and one I went to youth group with.  And now we’re all living in the same town, all friends, all enjoying spending time together.  It’s just so the goodness of God, especially in this sabbatical season.


And the bonus part is that we’re all either knitting or wanting to learn!  We decided to meet at the local coffee shop to sit, sip, and knit!  I spent most of my time teaching.  I love teaching people to knit, because I love the hobby so much.  Although, because I’m a self-taught knitter and tend to do some things in my own way, sometimes I worry that I’m teaching awkward or improper techniques.  I guess it’s the end result that matters!


I did manage to work a little on my newest project…an afghan.  Yes, I decided to tackle making an afghan.  I’ve always shied away from them, thinking the time commitment would overwhelm me.  I got over my fear and I started the Catch The Wave Afghan!  When I finish, I finish.  Even if it takes me several months.

Speaking of knitting, there’s a giveaway going on here that any knitters might want to check out!  Hosted by Yarn On The House, the giveaway is for some yarn, a cookie recipe, and one of Alana’s patterns of Never Not Knitting.  You might remember the Haltermelon I knit for my niece?  That’s one of Alana’s patterns, and she has many more adorable ones.  In this giveaway, you can win her Cedar Leaf Shawlette pattern.  Alana is also hosting a giveaway herself for some of her Never Not Knitting Green yarn as well as two more of her patterns!  Happy knitting and contest entering!

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