A Little Bit Of Sewing

I’ve felt a little giddy lately as I’ve started using the sewing machine I’m borrowing while we’re here in the states.  Just like knitting, I love, love, love being able to make things with my hands.  And when my kids love what these hands have made…well, that’s a double bonus!


My favorite projects of the week are these little Oliver + S lazy days skirts.  They were incredible easy, fun to make, and like to be worn by 5 year old girls!  (Not responsible for the shirts or shoes picked to wear with these little skirts!)

the skirt

Even Angelina got a matching skirt to wear!  I am pretty sure these girls love their new addition to their wardrobe.  They have worn them everyday, even to bed!

with angelina

I also completed the request of my daughter.  Her babies had a little bed to sleep in but it was just too hard for them!  Now we can’t have that, can we?  So I made a pillow for the bottom and a pillow to lay their head on.  All cozy with a blanket to cover up with!

for the baby doll

Have a wonderful weekend!

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