Price Tour Of Homes…Kid’s Corners

Back onto the Price Tour Of Homes!  I thought I would resume this sooner, but with knitting projects, holidays, and birthdays, it had to be put on hold!  As we continue up the hallway, we come to the kid’s bedrooms, which are directly across from each other.


The kids had to leave most of their toys behind in Africa, but you wouldn’t know it looking at their rooms.  Through friends and family (and even strangers), they have everything they need and plenty of toys to play with! It’s just so amazing!

joshua's room
on the bunk
being in a duplex, the poor guy doesn’t have a window so we put a couple of lamps in the room so it’s not too dark!

Their beds were given to us by some friends of friends.  I wish I would have captured the look on Joshua’s face when his bed was brought in!  A bunk with a desk underneath.  Friends, when we lived in Connecticut and had the privilege of Ikea at our doorstep, we would frequently go for an outing.  A cheap breakfast, the kids would play at the childcare center, and then we would all look at the showroom.  Joshua wanted a loft bunk with a desk underneath for a l-o-n-g time!  I call it the goodness of God that He would bless my son like this!  He just keeps saying, “It what I’ve always wanted!”

working hard
emma's art
he proudly displays his sister’s birthday present to him!

Being the princess that she is, Emma Grace really wanted a canopy above her bed!  So we got her a canopy, and she loves it!


I love the old school desks that have made their way to us.  Desks inherited by Jeremy’s grandfather from the school he taught at for many years.  Emma Grace loves to have a desk to sit at to do her school work!

dollhouse and desk

Next on the tour will be the living room!

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