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Tutorial :: How To Make A Chalkboard

our chalkboard

I’ve always thought it would be fun to make my own chalkboards and frame them out with cool looking old frames. But sometimes, as with projects, time isn’t always on your side. When Jeremy suggested we make a HUGE chalkboard to hang in the kitchen, my response was an enthusiastic YES! It was so simple. Although I forgot to take photos of the process, I hope you will find the step-by-step instructions helpful!

Supply List
  • plywood                           
  • primer
  • chalkboard paint
  • paint roller
  • trim
  • stain
  • varnish
  • chalk
writing on the board
    1. Take measurements of how big you want your board to be. We actually measured the wall and then took off several inches. We wanted this board to take up most of the space!
    2. Go to your local hardware store and gather your supplies. Pick out a smooth piece of plywood. Give them your measurements and they should cut it for you. We used the leftover plywood to make smaller boards.
    3. Screw your board into the wall.    writing on the board 
    4. Get ready to paint your board!  Prime it, giving adequate time for it to dry.  After it is dry, paint it with the chalkboard paint.  I’ve seen recipes out there to make your own custom color chalkboard paint.  We chose to just buy the black chalkboard paint at the store.  We painted about 3 coats on the board.
    5. After it is dry, you will need to prep the board by taking a piece of chalk, and with the long side against the board, color the whole board. stain
    6. If you want, you can trim out your board.  If you want to do this, stain your trim first and make sure it is dry.  I used the red stain from Ikea.  Then, nail the trim around your board.
    7. Start using it!  Because it is wood, don’t clean it with water.  I just dust out my eraser.

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