Water…It’s A Precious Commodity

bucket o water

We were recently without water for over 40 hours.  Sunday night we noticed a terrible water leak outside.  The yard was flooded and the sidewalk and street were even wet from the spillover.  The source of the leak looked like a bubbling brook.  Jeremy shut the water off for fear of a crazy water bill.  The next day a plumber came, but apparently didn’t see the urgency of having it fixed quickly.  He left to get supplies and never returned.  A second plumber was called and promised to be here at 9 AM the next day.  9 AM came and went.  By 2:00, the plumbers showed and a little after 4:00 we had water!

Not having water makes you realize how much you use it.  Washing dishes, brushing your teeth, cleaning your house, washing clothes, taking a shower, cooking, drinking.  When you don’t have it, it’s frustrating.  It’s inconvenient.  It can make you grumpy.  Why?  Because we expect to have water.  We turn on the faucet and seldom have to wonder if anything will come out.  But the reality is that that is the exception, not the norm, for most of the world. 

I’m often reminded of this in Africa but not usually here in America.  It’s a good reminder, and one I should welcome and not resist.  Unfortunately I don’t always welcome these inconveniences.  So I have a challenge for all of us today.  When we experience inconveniences, like no electricity or water, let’s take the time to be thankful and not frustrated, pray for the part of the world who doesn’t have these privileges regularly, and use it to teach our kids that there’s a world bigger than what they see around them.  There’s kids their age who have far less, and while we may never live in their shoes, we can walk in a spirit of thankfulness for what God has given us and pray for those kids that their bellies would be filled and that God would protect them!

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