I Love A Good Deal!

My husband may call it being frugal or cheap, but I just love a good deal.  And since I’m in the states, I’m taking full advantage of coupon clipping and money saving deals.  I get so excited when I find deals on items I would already buy.  Like this…


$4.97 for two jugs of laundry detergent (I’m not picky on the brand)
2 bottles of Tabasco (Jeremy loves that stuff)
a loaf of bread
2 packs of Mentos gum (home schooling prizes for the kids)
2 sticks of deodorant in my favorite scent and brand
2 packs of Carefree pantyliners
2 packages of Revlon emery boards

Who can’t say that isn’t a good deal?  This just happened to be a great shopping trip.  There are some things I can’t bring myself to buy no matter how good the deal is.  Like margarine or canned veggies or frozen dinners.  That would go against everything I value in offering healthy food to my family.  But when something comes along that’s a good deal on something I would already buy…well, that’s a bonus that gets me so excited!

There are some services you can pay for to find out the good money saving deals, but someone pointed me in the direction of several blogs that offer the information for free.  I buy my Sunday paper, $5 for a double coupon edition, and visit the following sites…

Southern Savers
Saving With Shellie
My Dallas Mommy
Couponing 101
Totally Target

A lot of grocery stores will double and triple some coupons, so if you shop the sales combined with coupons, you can get some great deals.  Walgreen‘s often offers rewards back on certain items making them free and sometimes even a money maker combined with coupons. 

I’ve also learned that Target sometimes offers gift cards for certain purchases.  Who doesn’t love Target?  Check out this great deal I got for Jeremy and myself the other day…


Jeremy got a sweater for $1.98 and I got a T-shirt for $.48 (both items clearance combined with a Target coupon printed from their site)!  The deals are out there if you’re willing to search for them!

And I leave you with last night’s great deal.  May’s free Lego Make and Take…a rose!  Makes Joshua’s heart happy!

lego rose

One more thing, don’t forget to visit here to see how you can be a part of the adoption process for the Reeves family!  You might even win a beautiful cross in the process!

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