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A very wonderful and unique opportunity has come my way in the past couple of weeks and I’m so very excited about it.  Let me try to tell you about it in as few words as possible so not to drown you in the details.  When we lived in Connecticut, we met some great neighbors, Jake and Erica.  I believe the story started when they passed by our house while taking their dog for a walk.  Conversation started and so did a friendship.  We all moved away about the same time, but we’ve tried to keep up with each other here and there.  Erica works for a site called Today’s Mama, a fun place to connect with other moms, read articles, and even participate in giveaways!  About a year and a half ago, Erica got my blog featured on their site!  Thus began my interest in Today’s Mama.


A couple of weeks ago, Erica emailed me and asked me if I would consider writing for Today’s Mama.  I was thrilled to say the least but cautious at the same time.  Does this impede on the guidelines of my sabbatical?  Will this be restful or stressful?  Lots of questions swirled in my head.  I sought the Lord to find the answers.  After prayer and conversations with Jeremy, it felt like it was indeed an opportunity I was to pursue.  Why, you might ask?  I wouldn’t say I’m a natural writer but I do enjoy it.  Lately I’ve felt like I need to carve out time in my week specifically to write.  I like to think of myself as the ultimate multi-tasker, but it’s becoming increasing difficult to do that in the midst of the needs of my kids.  So my conclusion is to come away and carve out time for writing inspiration.


All that to say, I feel like this opportunity fits right in with what God is speaking to me about writing.  I’m not necessarily striving to have a huge following of people reading my words, but I do long for people to feel refreshed and inspired after leaving my site.  One reader recently wrote, “Every time I visit your blog I leave happy…”  It made my day, because that’s exactly what I want!

I do hope you will visit me over at Today’s Mama.  I’ll be writing for the DFW Mama network under the Creative Home category.  If you’ve followed my creative journey at all, you will understand my excitement about this!  Because my content on Today’s Mama must be original, you will find completely different posts over there from my content here at I Believe In Love.  I will put links on the side so you can see my current posts.  Thank YOU for being a part of this process.  Without such great readers, I don’t know if I would have pushed myself in the writing and blogging aspect of my life!    

If you would like to receive the Today’s Mama newsletter straight to your inbox, visit here.  To visit my first post at Today’s Mama, visit here.  And check out the current giveaway for a super cool Madsen bike!

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