A Day At The Museum

museum of art

Last week I went to the Dallas Museum of Art with a friend.  I hadn’t been to an art museum in quite some time.  Although, last time I went to an art museum I was at a totally different place creatively.  This time was almost this spiritual, relaxing experience.  It’s even hard to describe actually.  As I went through the Coastlines exhibit, it was just fascinating.  The music with the art.  As I stood in front of each painting or photograph, I imagined myself there, with the waves crashing onto the shore.  It was so relaxing!

art pieces

One thing I love about art is the variety.  I may not like all art, but I can appreciate all kinds.  I love how it can be interpreted differently by different people.  That’s the beauty of it, really.  Beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder

retro furniture

I felt inspired to add my coastline image to the Flickr pool.  Cape Town has beautiful coastlines!  It was accepted and can now be viewed in the Coastlines :: Images Of Land And Sea pool at the museum!

on the water capetown, south africa

Also, check out my post, First Tuesdays at Dallas Museum of Art, to see the great things offered to kids.  As someone who highly values creativity, I’m so excited about this event!

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