Phoebe’s Sweater

I recently won a pretty sweet giveaway from Yarn On The House.  It was actually kind of like a double bonus!  This husband and wife duo, Joanna and Eric Johnson, put together this beautiful children’s book, Phoebe’s Sweater.

Phoebe's Sweater

This book is seriously sweet.  It’s about a little mouse named Phoebe, and while her mom is waiting the arrival of her baby, she knits a sweater for Phoebe.  Now I’m not waiting the arrival of a new baby, but I do like to knit.  Check out the story Emma G wrote for me while we were away from them…

eg's story

Translation… Once upon a time Jennifer was knitting a dog.  It was for a cousin named Arielle.  She liked it so much that she smiled.  The End.  Emma

Yes, I like to knit and apparently those around me know that, too. [Smile]  So in the back of the book are knitting patterns for a Phoebe mouse doll, a dress and sweater for the doll, and a Phoebe sweater for a child!  With this giveaway, I also won 2 skeins of yarn, one to make the doll and one to make the dress!  I’m so excited.  I think I just figured out Emma G’s birthday gift!  And I have plenty of time to complete all this.

Yarn On The House does giveaways every week so if you’re a knitter, you should definitely check it out!

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