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This is not a paid review but simply some thoughts on a recent read.
the justice game

This was my book of choice for our recent Canada trip. I started it, finished it, and loved it. If you like books involving trials, lawyers, drama, and suspense, then you will love this one. And the story line is close to the author’s heart. In 1988, a 16 year old student at Atlantic Shores Christian School opened fire, and killed a teacher, Karen Farley. The author represented Karen’s family in a lawsuit against the gun store where the gun was purchased illegally. That was, as the author says, his “baptism by fire into the national gun debate.”

Although, the story is not about that particular shooting, the author does a fantastic job presenting both sides of the gun debate. I don’t have strong opinions on either side, but I certainly wasn’t prepared for how much my opinion would swing from one end to the other as I read this book. The good guys become the bad guys. The bad guys become the good guys. That played out more times than one. For an edge of your seat, keep you entertained book, I would definitely recommend The Justice Game.

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