Like A Million Bucks

Last week Jeremy and I decided we were going to each take the kids out for special dates.  Deliberately planning a special day together with my kiddos was so much fun!

mommy and daughter

I took Emma Grace out first mixing a little of our old favorites with some new ones.  We went to brunch at Mimi’s Cafe.  Brunch was always our thing in S. Africa.  It was our special girl time.  I love Mimi’s and figured my girl would, too.  I was right.  What little girl wouldn’t love Mimi’s pancakes that look like Minnie Mouse ears!

mimi's pancakes

At brunch, I asked her if she wanted to know the day’s activities or be surprised.  She chose to be surprised.  The look on her face as we went throughout the day was priceless.  I pampered her with a polish change at the local nail salon (only $5 vs. a $25 pedicure).  She informed me that she didn’t want to leave the chair after they were done!

toenails painted
painted toes

Then it was off for a haircut!  Normally I try to trim her hair myself, but I forgot my hair scissors in Africa and it had been over a year since it was trimmed, so a proper cut was in order.  Long layers and three inches on the floor later and I had one fine looking miss! 


We had fun the rest of the day with a few other activities, and I had a beautiful teachable moment.  Sometimes I think so hard on the things in life that are need vs. want.  Mainly because I’m a frugal junkie.  As the day wore on, I began contemplating everything.  Should I pay to get our toes painted when we can do this at home?  Should I really buy her that bottle of lotion even if it’s only a $1?  And in those moments, I felt such conviction.  As sure as anything I felt God say, “YES!”  Because those little things made her feel like a million dollars and you can’t put a price on that. 

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