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artist :: a person who practices any of the various creative arts

my prints

An artist. I would have never put that label on myself even 5 years ago.  But as my love for photography grows, I realize that yes, I am an artist.  It even feels more legit now that I have some of my photos for sale.  Yes, that’s right FOR SALE!  I can’t believe it!  Another new and exciting opportunity that came my way recently!

bikes in uganda

boat on the nile
sailboat in cape town

A friend of mine creates decoupage pieces and recently started selling them at a local shop.  She asked me if I wanted to put some photos up to sell!  I went through these crazy emotions.  I think it must be an artist thing.  I felt vulnerable selling my stuff.  Like what if it doesn’t sell?  I might like what I see but what if other people don’t?  It’s all rooted in fear but still it was there.  I did overcome it and took the plunge.  Now if you don’t live near the Frisco Mercantile, I also have unframed prints for sale in my shop.

calla lilies

basket of okra

To see all my prints for sale, visit my shop.  And check out my Support Your Local Artist Week post promoting my photos!

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