My Picture Wall :: Project #2

my picture wall

For a few months now, my picture wall has been incomplete.  Oh, the frames were all there but they weren’t all filled until recently.  I knew I wanted a family picture.  A new one, a proper one, where we actually all dressed nice for the occasion.  What a chore that is!  I tried not to stress over it too much, but I did pick out what the kids would wear.  I’m pretty picky when it comes to getting a good, quality photo.  I called up our friend, Mike Simmons of S & B Photography.  He did a great job!  Even though the kids declared at the very beginning that they weren’t smiling, he was able to get them to show some teeth!

This picture is our family photo on display on our wall…

price family photo

But I also think these should make their way into frames at some point…
my little man
me and hubby

Read my Shameless Plug for S & B photography at Today’s Mama!

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