About To Get Disneyfied

Warning…you are about to see a plethora of Disney photos…for a few days.  Prepare to get Disneyfied!  [Smile…]

disneyland castle
it’s virtually impossible to get a shot of the castle without lots of people in it!

Disneyland was simply ahhh-mazing!  It was the perfect balance of rides for Emma Grace, who preferred to stay away from the fast, jerky rides, and Joshua, who couldn’t get enough of the fastest, scariest rides there!  Sometimes we rode rides together and sometimes we split up and met back later.  You can do that when you’re at a theme park for 4 days!

riding the tea cups

on the carousel

We happened to arrive the day after the 55th anniversary of the opening of Disneyland.  I have no doubt in my mind that Mr. Walt Disney would be very pleased with how the park has expanded over the years, still maintaining that standard of excellence he displayed when it first opened.

disneyland walt disney

You never had any doubt in your mind that you were in Disneyland.  And if you did, all you had to do was look around and you were sure to find something that reminded you.

walt statue
minnie mouse statue
donald duck statue

Aside from all the fun rides, one of the highlights was the Jedi Training Academy.  Joshua is at that age where he loves Star Wars.  We came upon the show one day and watched part of it.  Joshua said he wanted to do it, so we planned ahead and arrived about 30 minutes early to a show the next day.  The young padawans are randomly picked from the audience so there was no guarantee that he would get picked, but he did!  He took his training very seriously.

jedi in training

When it came time for him to fight Darth Vader, he performed the moves with little difficulty causing his trainer to say, “Luke Skywalker couldn’t have done better than that!”

here comes vader
better than luke
fighting darth vader
jedi training academy

The kids were almost always all smiles, and by the end of the day, we reluctantly dragged our exhausted bodies back to the hotel for a peaceful night’s sleep so we could turn around and do it all again the next day!

smile and eat

with minnie

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