Disney At Night

family photo at disneyland

I do believe that the only thing better than Disneyland during the day is Disneyland at night.  The park is hopping with fun and excitement until the very last hour.  It’s just as much alive with energy at 11 pm as it is at 11 am. 

fighting the dragon

We were told that Fantasmic was one of the must see shows.  Even though the show doesn’t start until 9 pm, people start reserving their “spot” way before that.  At about 7 pm, we found just enough space for all of us, sitting only a few rows from the Rivers of America, where the show takes place.  Let me just say it is amazing.  It’s a light and fireworks show right on the water.  Mickey Mouse is the host and he uses his imagination to create magical imagery.  Most, if not all, of the Disney characters make their appearance at some point in the show.  The kids were glued to it and even asked if we could see it again another night (which we didn’t end up doing).

disney characters
toy story
micky mouse

Right after the show, the nightly fireworks start in front of the castle.  It’s a breathtaking performance with Dumbo and Tinkerbell flying through the air!  We watched the fireworks 2 nights during our stay, both times my eyes were glued to the light show in the air.

the disneyland castle
red burst
white burst
colors of light

The nights that we stayed late, we usually didn’t leave the park until around 10:30 or 11:00.  After all that fun, you start to walk down Main Street, mesmerized by the lights and hustle and bustle, and then you spot some Disney characters.  You just can’t pass up getting Donald’s autograph!

main st.
signing autographs
Eventually we made it home, plopped into our beds, and snoozed so soundly!

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