The Magic of Disneyland

toon town

I grew up going to Six Flags every year.  I loved the amusement park rides.  I always rode every roller coaster there, but Disneyland was so much more amazing.  It was truly magical, if a theme park can be described that way.

minnie's stove
minnie’s kitchen

minnie's dishwasher
and dishwasher

It made you want to be there, to soak in every aspect of it that you could.  Jeremy and I were so impressed with the creative brains behind every single little thing.  From the rides to the gift shops to the shows, everything was done to perfection. 

main st. cinema

It’s the kind of magic that makes kids want to take pictures with the characters and get their autographs.

shot with goofy
minnie's autograph

The kind that drives you to buy cotton candy for your kids to experience it for the first time even though it’s pure sugar.  (They didn’t finish it, saying it was too sweet…yes!)

eating cotton candy

The kind that makes you buy an afternoon ice cream treat, where most of it ends up outside the body rather than in.

diving in

all over the face

The kind that gives an 8 year old a driver’s license and puts him behind the wheel of a car!  (I can already see how a mother’s faith is increased when her kids hit driving age!)

driver's license
behind the wheel

The kind of magic that makes you say, after 4 wonderful but exhausting days, with a mix of sadness and joy in your heart “Good-bye Disneyland.  See you next time!”

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