My Birthday :)

happy birthday!

I had a great birthday this year!  I absolutely love birthdays!  In fact, I firmly believe that a birth – DAY isn’t enough.  No, birth – WEEK is way more accurate.  A celebration of someone’s life should take more than a day, right?  I believe so.  Here’s what I enjoyed for my birth – WEEK!

jen and jeremy's coffee
drinking coffee
drinking coffee
dinner date with my love followed by coffee

eat, pray, love
and a movie on the same night!  i always say that’s a proper date…dinner, coffee, movie…
(you can read my review of eat, pray, love here)

trying on clothes
spending birthday money at one of my favorite stores who just happened to have a 45% off coupon.  love it when that happens!

knitting without tears
added knitting without tears to my knitting library.  thanks, britt!
making pasta
rolling out the dough
making home made pasta together…i really wanted to, so my kids lovingly obliged.  when the pasta maker wouldn’t work right, we resorted to emma g’s little rolling pin!  memories!

brunch at mimi's
movie time
brunch at mimi’s and a movie as a family

veggie tray
mother and daughter
to end my week, i spent a lovely evening with friends where my love made homemade cheesecake (first attempt and it was amazing) and homemade ice cream.

I had a great 33rd birthday!  Thanks for all the birthday wishes!  It was so great hearing from so many friends around the world!

my 33rd birthday
do i look any older? 🙂

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