The back to school grind has started which has provided some consistent routine to our day.  In honor of that, I thought it would be a great time to start up my Monday morning weekending posts!  This was one of those weekends that, at the end of it, you feel domesticated.  Honestly, it’s a great feeling.  Several months ago I didn’t have the energy to plan dinner, but now I’m so happy to be in the kitchen once again.  Here’s my domesticated weekend…

made strawberry jam
look for my easy, 10 minute recipe soon!

strawberry jam

took the kids to their back to school blast
yes, the school activities have already started!

woo hoo!
on the slide

whipped up some pesto to freeze
so thankful my basil doesn’t mind this texas heat!

fresh basil

cooked a favorite chicken recipe that i haven’t made in ages
yea for fresh thyme from our little garden!

roasted chicken

flipped through my new cookbook that arrived in the mail,
rambling to my husband why this must be the greatest bread cookbook ever!
artisan breads

canned some apple butter,
the smell reminds me that fall is coming!

apple butter
It probably sounds like it was busy, but I loved every minute of it!  I even managed a Sunday afternoon nap.  And you?  How was your weekend?  Tomorrow I have a review and a giveaway, so I’ll see you then!

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