It’s nearly 10:30 as I sit down to the end of a great long weekend.  Saturday feels like so long ago because we had so many fun things that made their way into our Labor Day weekend.

I’m so glad we started out with mandatory 
cleaning time from all family members!
cleaning the toilet
we took advantage of some beautiful weather and played at the park!

at the park
I tried a new spin on an old favorite.
painted teacups with my girlie.
painting teacups
made a batch of peach jam,
yea for sprouts 49 cents a lb. sale!
peach jam
but probably best of all was seeing our friend, george.
so glad you came by!  please come again soon!
hanging out
I hope you also had a lovely weekend full of barbecues, fun times, and laughter.  I’ll see you back here tomorrow!

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