This is my last post about my personal retreat (promise!).  Thank you so much for letting me share my thoughts on here.  This dreaming aspect was a very significant part.  I hope it challenges and/or encourages you wherever you are in reference to dreaming.
green leaf

If there’s one thing that stood out to me during my personal retreat, it was in the area of dreaming. I took some papers with me to help me in the dreaming process, because it doesn’t come naturally to me. I think so practically that, if I can’t see it happening in the next month or so, then I can’t see it at all. My husband is a dreamer and I’ve found myself quite happy to ride on his dreaming coattails, being the ever get-it-done practical person on this husband/wife team. I do thank God that we are different and that we can complement each other quite nicely like that. But it’s not right for me to feel paralyzed or intimidated by the dreaming process.

shining through

I was surprised to find that my husband was quite excited that I was engaging this area of “how to dream.” I just assumed that he was happy to do all the dreaming for the both of us!

 There were two revelations that came to me regarding dreaming.  One, by not dreaming I am limiting God.  (Another reminder that life is not about us!)  I definitely believe God dreams.  Look at this world.  He started it out of nothing.  Don’t you think He had fun dreaming it up?  We are His vessels, so we have to be available to carry out His dreams.  Two, there are already seeds in all of us.  In order to cultivate those seeds, we must allow ourselves to dream.  Pondering these two things emphasized again just how important it is that I allow myself to dream.

casting shadows

I’ve asked God to remove the dreambusters in my life that prohibit me from plunging in wholeheartedly. I think this dreaming thing is something that will get easier the more I practice it. And if not, well, there’s a part of me that is growing a little bit deeper as I step out into new territory.

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