Flooded With Memories

leaves on the ground

As I made the hour and a half drive to my personal retreat destination, I was flooded with memories of this place we once called home over 8 years ago. Had it really been that long that we left this place where so much history started for us? Had we really made 2 big moves since then and added another member to our family? Just more reminders that life goes by way too fast!


It was here that I started my journey as a missionary, a mere 18 year old ready to take the world for Jesus. It was here that I fell head over heels for a redhead and became a Price. It was here that we bought our first home, a single wide trailer, and made many memories entertaining our friends. It was here that we bought our second home. Our family expanded and we brought home our firstborn to this pink house in the woods! We traveled the world from this place and made lasting friendships with people we still do life with today. It was here that God began molding and shaping us into young leaders, preparing us for whatever the future might hold.

plant and barrels

As I drove around and saw the movie theater where we would go for date night, the mall where we went to go shopping, the pink house that we later turned brown, and the Mexican restaurant we loved, all the familiarity against all the changes in the 8 years since leaving, I could only smile and utter a simple “Thank you,” for the good memories that will forever be a part of our lives.

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