Her Daughter’s Dream by Francine Rivers

Her Daughter's Dream (Marta's Legacy) 

Her Daughter’s Dream is the sequel to Her Mother’s Hope, both books about a family’s saga through the ups and downs of life. Her Mother’s Hope left off with Marta going to care for her eldest daughter, Hildie, as she battled tuberculosis. Marta’s plan was to serve English tea every day and rebuild her relationship with her daughter. Unfortunately, plans didn’t quite turn out that way and Hildie felt like her mother hijacked her relationship with her daughter, Carolyn, causing even more hurt and rift to come between them.

Carolyn goes off to college and finds herself pulled into the anti-war, hippie movement. She falls deep into a life of drugs and alcohol and eventually winds up back on her parent’s doorstep. About a month later, Carolyn finds out she is pregnant. When May Flower Dawn is born, history begins repeating itself as Hildie steps in to care for her granddaughter so Carolyn can finish her schooling.

As May Flower Dawn grows up, she sees the tension between her mother and grandmother and decides to take her great-grandmother’s (Marta’s) words to heart, “It’s easier to put up a wall than build a bridge.” She becomes that bridge and sets out to bring resolution and stop the line of broken mother/daughter relationships.

I read this book in two days, and by the end, the tears were flowing. The heartache and regret of broken relationship and years lost were so evident, and it saddened me. It was a reminder of just how important mother/daughter relationships are and that time doesn’t heal unspoken hurts. It only makes them grow deeper. The only way the hurts are healed are through going into the depths of your soul to the places that are vulnerable and difficult. That takes courage on both sides. This is a beautiful story of just how deep a mother’s love goes for her children despite how deep the tension might run.

I would definitely recommend this book! You will find yourself caught up in the lives of the characters and feel like you get to know each one of them in a deep way. Read Her Mother’s Hope first as you can’t understand the depth of Her Daughter’s Dream without it. Visit here to read my review of Her Mother’s Hope.

Disclaimer: Tyndale House Publishers provided me with a complimentary advanced reader copy in exchange for my honest opinion of this book.

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