Phoebe Mouse Birthday Knits

phoebe's sweater

This year it was easy to figure out what to make Miss Emma G for her birthday, because I won a fabulous giveaway that was just perfect for her.  Phoebe’s Sweater is such a sweet book.  You could say the mom in the story is quite similar to me.  Waits anxiously for the mailman to deliver her new yarn, knits, likes to bake bread…the only difference is that I am not expecting a baby!  Joanna Johnson, the author of Phoebe’s Sweater and the knitting patterns found in the back of the book, has developed a unit study to go along with the book that I think is just fabulous!

phoebe mouse

I really loved knitting Phoebe Mouse and her little dress.  She’s knit in the round with no seaming (other than sewing on the ears).  I love that!  New techniques that I learned or used are the looping on cast on method for casting on in the middle of the project and a little trick for making sure there are no gaps in the row where you cast on.  Both techniques worked great!

face covered
phoebe mouse

I also made her the Phoebe Sweater, the very one Phoebe’s mom knit for her in the book.  This sweater turned out so beautifully.  I love the big wooden buttons that just seem to accent the color.  Perhaps my favorite part is the hood!  I’ve never knit a hood before but the instructions were so easy to understand, that I had no trouble at all.  The new technique I learned on this one was the 3 needle bind off that was used for the shoulder seams.

phoebe sweater
phoebe sweater back

My plan was to also make a matching sweater for Phoebe Mouse, but quite honestly, I ran out of time and had to let it go.  But as soon as I have a chance, I will get it done, because Phoebe will need to match her owner!

For Phoebe Mouse and her dress I used Brown Sheep Company Lamb’s Pride Superwash Worsted in Oats N Cream and Strawberry Chiffon.  For the Phoebe Sweater, I used Bernat Roving in Low Tide.  To keep up with Phoebe’s adventures, visit Phoebe On The Road.

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