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Reflecting On A 7 Day Personal Retreat


I am very thankful for the time I had away.  It was something that I had never done.  At least not to that degree.  I am thankful for the things God spoke to me, for the cool, fall weather that surrounded me, for the fact that it was rose season, and for feeling totally rested as I headed back home.


I think regular times of coming away are something I want to incorporate into my life.  Probably not 7 days but maybe a weekend every quarter.  Before I left for my personal retreat, I stumbled upon a talk on, The Power of Time Off.  New York designer, Stefan Sagmeister, closes his business every 7 years for a whole year.  It’s an interesting talk.  Have a listen…

I’m in a place in life where my kids are older and I can take time off, leaving them in the capable hands of my husband.  I realize not everyone is in that place, but I also realize that something like this in our lives is important, whether it be for a year, a month, a week, or even a day.  I look forward to sharing more about my 7 day retreat in the woods of East Texas!

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