Take A Hike

checking out the creek

Not as in a get-out-of-here-quick kind of way but as in a get-outside-and-enjoy-the-outdoors kind of way!  Jeremy and I have been faithfully doing our morning walks during the week while the kids are in school.  I don’t always want to walk but the benefits of exercise far outweigh my lack of enthusiasm.  It’s amazing.  I have more energy throughout the day.  I feel better.  And of course, the slimming down is an added bonus to all of that.

hanging around
picking a flower
since i rarely put pics of myself…this is me, taken by my husband

With our 3 day Columbus day weekend, Jeremy and I decided we wanted to do something that involved some family togetherness.  With our morning walks in mind, a hike it was!  The weather has been gorgeous lately, too gorgeous to stay inside, that’s for sure.  Exercising as a family just sounded good.  The kids sure slept well that night!

How do you find ways for family exercise time?

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