Saturday proved to be a very wet and rainy day.  I actually welcome these days every once in a while.  It’s a great chance to read, knit, and just take it easy.  I did all of the above.  The only thing I find difficult on these days is the restlessness that occurs in my kids.  Two minutes after they went outside to toss the baseball, it started to rain and continued for the rest of the day.

rain, rain go away

TV and movie watching privileges had been revoked the previous day, so we had lots of game playing, putting puzzles together, and crafting.  And when the tension of being inside rose to all-time high, I suggested popcorn and it saved the day!  It brought the excitement level up a notch.  I had no idea popcorn could do that!

popcorn jar
a handful
eating a handful

I’m looking at a week of last minute costume making and lots of baking!  Any fun agendas for your week?

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