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Another Step Toward Healthy Living

Please note…this post is not meant to say that a certain kind of lifestyle is better than others.  These are simply my thoughts and how I’ve chosen to live my life…

I sit here on a cold, rainy November day with applesauce cooking on the stove top, trying to summon the words to write this post.  About 7 years ago, I felt the challenge to alter my cooking in such a way that it would be healthier for my family.  I felt overwhelmed by going totally hardcore so I started small with, what felt like, the best option…eradicating partially hydrogenated oils from our foods.  That alone forced me into new territory, because if you start looking at labels, you will see those 3 words in almost everything from crackers to microwave popcorn to boxed food items.


After that move, I opted to make a vow to myself.  Never, ever, under any circumstances buy a canned fruit or vegetable or anything canned for that matter.  I know it can be cheaper (especially with coupons) but that was now a no-no.  Only fresh fruits and vegetables would make their way into my shopping cart and then onto my kitchen table.

yogurt and granola

There’s been more steps over the years toward healthy living.  Eventually the microwave left our house.  I started making soup from scratch.  Homemade bread start popping up on our table along with homemade jam.  The newest thing I’ve added to my “made from scratch” list is yogurt.  It always sounded like a lot of work, but I can’t believe how incredibly easy it was!  That’s the thing with a lot of things.  It’s much easier once you just do it!  I used Soule Mama‘s yogurt recipe and incubated mine in a cooler for 8 hours.  It is the best tasting yogurt I have ever tasted!

homemade yogurt

Jeremy recently told a friend about my cooking adventures, and he was surprised that, as a mom, I found time to do all this.  It made me realize something very important.  This way of life has become such a value to me that I can see it no other way.  No one warned me in the beginning that, once you start down this road, you won’t ever want to turn back.  Food just tastes better when it’s homemade.

If you’re just starting down this path to more healthy cooking, you won’t regret it!  If you want to but feel overwhelmed, take a deep breath and start small.  Pretty soon you’ll be itching to try new things.  And if you’re farther down the path than me, I can’t wait to meet up with you at some point!

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