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In The Thankful Spirit

One of the things I love about Thanksgiving is that it’s a reminder to pause and remember the things we are thankful for.  I like to try and keep an attitude of thankfulness regularly, but oh, how easy it is to forget to pause and really think about those things.  And so I’m pausing here to say I’m so very thankful for…

my family…they are each so very special to me and I love the little bits they each add to my life.

God…He provides for us and cares so tenderly for me.

times of rest…I truly count this sabbatical as a blessing from Him.

wax leaves

creative outlets…stress relieving and fun…and I love that my kids enjoy them, too!

friends…how blessed I am to have friends to laugh with, talk to, and cry with!

all of you…I love the comments, inspiration, and encouragement I receive from all my blogging friends!

thankful tree

Of course, I could go on, but I think I’ll keep this list on the short side.  I will pass on a little craft we did yesterday to invoke a spirit of thankfulness in our household.  We made a Thankful Tree!  Miss Emma and I cut leaves and gathered branches.  Some leaves already express what we’re thankful for and others are blank and waiting for the words to come.  It’s so fun to see with my own eyes the things my family is thankful for!

god's word

I will be stepping away for a couple of days.  I might pop in over the weekend, but I’ll for sure be back on Monday!  Hope you have a lovely Thanksgiving full of all the things you are thankful for! 

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