Our Basketball Player

Joshua is playing basketball, and I have to say that I’m really proud of him.  He’s a kid that’s not intimidated by new territory.  He steps into it and always does his best.  He’s the only kid who has never played basketball before.  We told him, though, that if she asked who had ever played cricket before, more than likely his would be the only hand raised!  The closest thing to basketball in S. Africa is netball which is played by girls, and it’s actually quite difficult as there’s no backboard!


We went back and forth on letting him play, because there’s always the question, “Will we be here?”  But then we were reminded of one very important thing that we always try to implement.  No matter where we are living physically, we must make it home and settle into it for that season.  Otherwise, we are constantly living in this weird unsettling state. 


Now we get to enjoy watching Joshua play 8 games of this sport he is learning about!  There’s lot of dribbling and ball passing going on around here!  I don’t mind (unless it’s in the house, of course).

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