I haven’t done a Weekending post in a while, mainly because I felt like I was writing the same mundane thing over and over and over again.  However, when your weekend goes beyond, “I made bread, I knitted this, this is what we ate for breakfast,” well, then I think it’s news to report!  Jeremy was away on a personal retreat, so it was just the kids and I hanging out.

acting silly
bob the builder
tic tac toe

Saturday morning we went to Lowe’s for their Build and Grow (free) workshop they have for kids.  I wanted to check it out for an upcoming article I’m writing for Today’s Mama, and I thought the kids would enjoy it.  I was right!  They loved it!  They made game boxes with a chalkboard lid.  The kit even came with chalk, dice, and game cards.  Joshua didn’t need much help from me (he was in a great mood if you couldn’t tell) and Emma G was quite proud of her box.  She kept telling us she was Bob the Builder!  Look for my article on free winter activities this week on Today’s Mama!

eg's box   jman's box

Joshua had his Saturday basketball game.  It’s great seeing him improve and gain confidence.  He even took a shot!  His coach calls him the king defender, because he’s definitely stronger in defense.  So far the Dawgs have won all their games but one!

shooting a basket
snow diva
tasting snow

Sunday was our rest day.  I dubbed it as “stay in my pajamas day” which the girls did.  With snow (yes, snow!) in the forecast I was a little leery of being on the roads with Jeremy being gone.  The kids took full advantage of the snow, put on their mama hand knits, and did the usual snow activities of snowball throwing and snowman making.  Even though I stayed in the warmth (only taking pictures from the front door) and welcomed my frozen kiddos with hot chocolate, I love that we had a snow day sandwiched in between 60 degree days.  One thing I love is the change of seasons, and this was certainly a reminder of the winter season we are in!

throwing a snow ball
a huge snowball

What were the highlights of your weekend?

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