sweet siblings

What a fun weekend!  The kids each enjoyed a sleepover with friends, and we got to watch Joshua play basketball!  With the 3 day weekend, I thought it would be fun to do something special.  Something away from home.  Although we have had a very mild winter and outside play is still very doable, I still start to feel that cooped up feeling after a while.  I’m convinced it’s just a part of this winter season, whether it’s cold out or not (or maybe it’s just a psychological thing…hmmm…).

beautiful girl

What sounded fun to me (and of course, Emma G who is always asking) was to go stay in a hotel for the night.  My only criteria?  An inside pool, a real treat for us right now.  We used air miles to book a local Homewood Suites.  Not only did it have an inside pool but a complimentary hot breakfast.  And we didn’t have to pay a penny.  Score!  

pool landing

We spent a lot of time in the pool and hot tub, enjoying every minute.  It was also a real treat to have one of Joshua’s great friends, who moved out of state a few months ago, join us for the night.  It was just the right dose of fun and relaxation. 

playing twister

Now it’s back to the school week and routine.  Thank you, Jesus, for a great weekend!

What are your favorite out of the house winter activities?

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