crazy {knitting} weather

ready for sun sunny day
icicles icy sidewalk

Texas weather is so crazy.  Last week we were blessed with 60 and even 70 degree days.  This week?  Temps in the teens and twenties!  This dip happened right as precipitation fell to the ground causing school closures (today marks day 3 of no school).  I do believe the perfect activities when it’s too cold to play outside are fires in the fireplace (along with s’more roasting), movie watching, and knitting.  Yes, it’s perfect knitting weather.

hearts on socks
baby socks
baby socks

I have definitely been on a knitting streak lately.  I’ve had a couple of knitting orders, but it’s mostly been my own projects that I’ve been working on.  (Just wait until it gets closer to Valentine’s…the projects are a plenty!)  I recently made some baby knits.  Baby knits are just perfect.  They knit up in no time and they’re just stinkin’ adorable.

mary jane booties
booties & hat
baby booties

My baby knit list has included Mary Jane baby booties (free pattern here), a flower power hat (my own design…email me for purchase), and Baby Socks from More Last Minute Knitted Gifts.  If I had been a knitting mama when my kids were babes you bet they would have been sporting a whole slew of hand knits.  Of course, that’s not a reason to increase our brood, rather a reason to knit all I can for my friends!

flower power hat
flower power hat

My next baby knit will be something for my niece (who I still haven’t met!) who’s turning one in April.  I’m thinking either the Fantasy Naturale Cardigan, the Cardigan for Merry (loving the hood), or the Playful Stripes cardigan from Never Not Knitting.  Decisions, decisions…

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