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on the weather and cabin fever…

Excuse me for coming to you a bit late today.  Like most Americans, our T.V. was tuned to Super Bowl XLV, which left blogging for today.

my applesauce helper

I can imagine that last week Texas bloggers shared some sort of post on the weather.  Texas winters are nothing compared to the northeast winters we experienced several years ago, but when ice and snow cause four days of no school here in Texas…well, that’s certainly something to talk about!  Most people dug into their memory trying to remember the last time that happened!  (And yes, I dug, too.  I remember sometime in elementary school being out for a week or two due to solid ice.)

stoking the fire

I actually kind of liked the weather change and the kids being home.  Fires, movies, s’mores…what’s not to like.  (I think too much fun was the culprit of Emma G’s not wanting to go back today!)  I’m also secretly refusing to let myself venture to complaining about the weather.  Isn’t that a sign you’re getting older or something?

making a shelf

The kids and I didn’t venture out much during those four days.  I enlisted their help to can some applesauce, and they were more than willing to stoke the fire with the proper gear to shield their eyes.  And, luckily, when cabin fever was at an all-time high, warmer temps came along and we had a Saturday of heart shelf making at Home Depot and two birthday parties to attend!

heart shelf

Wednesday calls for a 70% chance of snow.  I might need to see what other tricks this mama might have up her sleeve to keep pestering down.  There’s always arts and crafts!

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