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We had such a fun Valentine’s week!  Who doesn’t like getting little surprises in their mailboxes every day?  I showed you the sock monkeys I made the kids.  They definitely went to good homes, because they are getting loved like crazy.  As an afterthought I decided those monkeys needed something to eat, so I made them each a banana.  Yarn monkeys like yarn bananas, you know?

knitted monkeys and bananas
knitted banana

To appease the kid’s sweet tooth (without candy), I made them snickerdoodles with a little heart decoration (perfect project to use up scrap yarn).  I knitted hearts last year and they are still floating around.  I figure in a few years I’ll use them to make a Valentine garland or something.  Wouldn’t that be festive and cute?

knitted hearts

As if Emma G needed another purse, I gave her my last scrappy purse.  She had been asking me for it.  With all of the other projects I was working on, I was glad it was already finished!  Of course, it already has a spot on that beautiful white.  I was informed today that I must have given it to her that way, because she didn’t do it.  Ahem…

scrappy purse

Moving right along the project list…I decided about a month ago that the kids needed new scarves.  Scarves are not my favorite thing to knit, so I honestly don’t know why I chose to knit Emma G a scarf with fingering yarn.  It was like string and took me FOREVER.  Only about a couple of inches into my work, I thought of scrapping it for something else.  That is, until she saw it and asked in her sweet voice, “Is that for me?”  I smiled and knew there was no scrapping it now. 

folded scarf

serious scarf model

To give myself a break, I worked on it in between projects.  It took me a couple of weeks to complete, but she has worn it almost every day since I gave it to her.  Makes it all worth it, if you ask me.  And that light weight fingering yarn (Paton Lace in Woodrose, if you’re interested) makes for the perfect spring Kid Merino Lace Scarf!

scarf close-up

modeling his scarf

I went to the other extreme with Joshua’s scarf, choosing a very bulky yarn, Lion Brand Wool Ease Thick & Quick in Fisherman and Grass.  The advantage is that I finished it it just a few hours.  The disadvantage?   Our winter weather is gone for now, and it’s too hot to wear it!  At least he has a new Ribbed Scarf when he needs it.  I rather like the color and stripe action going on.

I have one more Valentine post tomorrow.  It is still Valentine’s Week, right?

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