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First off, let me admit to you.  I did not get these precious doodles sent off in time.  I didn’t read all the directions until the last minute (mommy moment of the day) and therefore realized that I  That is so very hard for me, because I love completing projects and not sending these in felt incomplete.  However, I realized that the process was so very beautiful and that’s where I’m finding my peace about it!


jman's detective

The best part about this project was the dreaming that went on beforehand.  With the theme, “What I Want To Be Someday…,” we asked the kids to dream about what they might want to be.  Joshua has really been into detective shows lately, so it was no surprise that he doodled a detective.  I also love that his list included “help kids that don’t have homes.”  Makes a mama smile.

Emma G dreamed of helping the world, helping other people, and helping a community.  We had just come off a family meeting where we discussed many of things, so they were fresh on the brain.  I love the world that she drew and that she’s thinking so BIG!

with shades
help the world

Oh, and in case you didn’t know, doodling is much better when done wearing 3D glasses. 🙂

As I think about the recurring theme of helping people in my kid’s lists, I can’t help but remember the recent events in Japan that have caused massive destruction and taken the lives of so many precious people.  I would have loved to have a list of different ways you can help but time is not on my side as my departure date draws near.  I’ve seen massive amounts of relief opportunities in the blogosphere as I’m sure you have.  Whether it be praying or giving, may we all find a way to reach out across the ocean.

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