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I wrote a post the other day titled Modern Day Slavery.  That single post generated a lot of response mainly because of it’s shocking nature.  Those stories must be told to educate the world on the realities that are happening with sex trafficking.  However, as a photographer, I would be remiss if I didn’t tell the story of what God is doing here in India.  He is alive and He is doing amazing things.  He has raised up Indians to minister and reach out to their own people.  It’s been such a privilege to meet these people and see their hearts of compassion for their own country.

making jewelry4

Being here, it is so evident that this jewelry project is God inspired.  We can’t just give a man a fish.  We must teach him to fish also.  These girls must be rescued, but if they don’t have some type of skill, something as a means of income, what’s keeping them from going back to a life of prostitution? 

handful of earrings

The other day we visited 14 girls ranging in age from 18-21.  Every single one of them were the victims of sex trafficking.  They were rescued by the police and sent to this home.  God rescued them and gave them a new start.  He redeemed them from the pit.

making jewelry5

Over the next few years, the girls will be transitioning out of the house to living on their own.  The timing of this jewelry project is so amazing.  It is giving them a skill set to survive and put food in their bellies.  It’s helping them to attain their dreams of becoming a nurse or a doctor.  It is giving them hope.    

making jewelry6

I had so much fun photographing these girls.  We laughed and we talked about cricket.  They touched my heart in a way that I won’t forget.  They will forever be in my prayers.  Every time I look at fresh water pearls, I will remember these girls!

After I get back from my trip, I will share details on how you can purchase jewelry from Hope’s Gate made by the girls here in India!

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