Kids photography

the bluebonnets

I kept waiting for the perfect setting to take bluebonnet pictures this year (side note…the bluebonnet is the Texas state flower).  Apparently, a lush hill of bluebonnets, no rain, blue skies, and no wind was a bit too much to ask for.  I had to put my wish list aside so as not to miss the small window of the year where these flowers bloom.  Amidst the squinting eyes and crazy long hair blowing in the wind, these are my favorites (thank goodness for Photoshop to fix those blown out skies).  Warning, there may or may not be a ladybug reproduction lesson that could follow one of these photos!  🙂

bluebonnets & ladybugs
laying in the bluebonnets
smelling flowers
posing for mama
silly eyes
in the grass
picking flowers
being silly
blowing in the wind
holding hands

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