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going from the rescuee to the rescuer

During our time in India, we were able to launch a new jewelry project!  It was so exciting to see the girl’s excitement over making jewelry for the first time!  In that small gathering of girls, there was a girl named Priya*.  I love Priya’s story!  That and her love for art!

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Priya was rescued off the streets when she was five years old.  She had been living in the children’s home for eleven years.  When asked what her dreams were, she responded, “I want to start an orphanage someday.”  Wow!  I thought.  She has gone from being rescued, rescued from a hard life on the streets that could have found her in a brothel, to wanting to change the lives of kids, as her life was changed.  When I think about the impact of this single girl’s life, I think of the ripple effect happening with many other kids who have been rescued. 

Priya is now learning to make jewelry which will help launch her into her dreams.  This is such a beautiful story of hope that I can’t help but feel emotion swelling in my heart for her.  Her destiny was forever changed by God moving on the hearts of people to rescue her.  That’s where it starts, doesn’t it?  By our obedience that puts action to words.

*Not her real name.

Please note:  All girls involved in the jewelry project are 16 years and older.

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