baby knitting blues

I can’t believe the long stints that seem to be happening between knitting projects.  All I know is that life has been a little busier lately leaving me little time during the day to knit and a too tired mama at night to knit.  Just like my kids, I am counting down the days (9!) to summer break, hoping the pace will also slow down a bit.  Until then, I’ve given myself a baby knitting project for Joshua to give to his teacher.  His teacher’s wife is expecting a baby this summer and, because I like gifting and I like knitting, I couldn’t pass up an opportunity to make something!

blue diaper cover

baby booties

In case you couldn’t tell, it’s a boy.  At least I hope, because I made everything in blue!  I already had a diaper cover made, so that was one tick off the list.  Next, I moved on to baby booties.  I used the free Organic Cotton Booties pattern from Bernat.  I couldn’t believe how fast these knit up.  I think they will be perfect to warm little toes in the winter months.  After the booties I opted for a pattern I’ve used before, the Hurricane Hat, but in a smaller size, of course.  It’s simple with a little visual interest.  Pics of baby hats are much cuter when they’re actually on a baby but at least you get the idea.

hurricane hat

There’s a couple of other things I would like to make (non-blue hopefully).  We’ll see if time permits before school lets out…in 9 days!

What have you been up to this week?

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