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I am so excited about today’s giveaway!  Having my own story of seeing my dreams fulfilled, I find great excitement when it also happens to my friends!  My friend, Kelly, had a dream to express her thoughts on sex trafficking through her creative outlet, music.  She teamed up with another friend, Jonathan Reuel, to create Surge on Smith, a 5 song collaboration that they wrote in one week!

As I’ve listened to the folky blues music of Surge on Smith, I can say without a doubt that Kelly accomplished her desire “to create music that both highlights the subject of modern day slavery and lures the listener back again and again with lyrics and sounds that are telling and honest, not depressing and hopeless.”

surge on smith

I asked Kelly to share a little about her journey in writing music pertaining to sex trafficking…

“Jonathon and I have been friends for a long time and music has always been something that has created long and interesting conversations amongst us. Taking his advice, I set a one-year goal to write some original songs and play them at a local show. Along that journey, my heart became stirred on the subject of human trafficking, and I wrote a song pertaining to the issue of legal prostitution and its connection to sex trafficking.  Jonathon heard the song and made a casual comment that we should do a music project together that somehow brought a unique viewpoint to the issue.  I was very humbled and remember feeling confident that our very different personalities would meld well in a songwriting environment.  

I realized that after immersing myself in the subject for the past two years, I had developed a lot of unanswered questions and an overall untargeted anger that was not making any progress. Sex trafficking is a vast problem with many roots that don’t get pulled up or even discovered overnight. Slavery has been going on for centuries, and we don’t seem to understand why it still plagues us. My need to see injustice destroyed was banging its head against an old and solid wall. 
sos head shots 

We tackled the hard questions, and we were open to where our conversations were taking us. Before we ever wrote one lyric, we debated and prayed and intently sought whether or not it was our job to stop a problem that seemed unstoppable. I know, how could we ever think that maybe it was not our job to stop something as horrific and abusive as slavery, but we went there and came out on the other side with a new understanding. For us, for this project, we were going to focus on the victim and not so much on stopping the problem.

Once we developed our focus on the victims of sex trafficking and we began writing the songs, the sense of being overwhelmed disappeared. These girls all have stories and they all have faces and they all have hope. This is not their fault and they have not chosen this lifestyle. That is our message. We realize that we have not come up with any grand solutions to stopping modern day slavery or sex trafficking, but we brought honesty and hope to a very misunderstood and dark subject, and we had a lot of fun creating music that inspires the listener and hopefully lures them back again and again with its folky-blues sound.”

Not only do the lyrics of Surge On Smith focus on the victims of sex trafficking, but the profit from the purchase of this CD go Love 146 and It’s Not My Fault, organizations who are raising awareness and working to come against sex trafficking. 

You can listen to the songs on ReverbNation and even download the first song, Something Is Wrong, for free!  You can also purchase Surge on Smith on iTunes.  To purchase a hard copy of the CD, email Kelly.  In the meantime, I have a CD to give away!

Giveaway is open worldwide.  It ends Tuesday, May 17th at 9PM Central time where the random number generator will choose a winner!
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Be sure to leave a separate comment for each entry!  And help give the victims of sex trafficking a voice by spreading the word about Surge On Smith!  Also, look for upcoming Dallas area shows…
June 10th ~ Sons of Hermann Hall in Deep Ellum, Time TBA
June 17th ~ New Hope Christian Church, Time TBA
June 18th ~ Chase Oaks Church-Epoch Building, 8PM doors open at 7PM
Photo Credit Justin Clemons
CD Cover Art by Jonathan Reuel
Surge On Smith on iTunes
Surge On Smith on ReverbNation

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