archiving 2009

@jeremyclayprice I wasn't thinking & made a whole pot this morn so here's your virtual cup.
what kind of pic do you put with a post talking about archiving??  the thing that helps you get through the tedious hours it takes to complete the task…coffee!!

Right before leaving for Evo Conference, I organized my 2009 photos.  Yes, I know it’s 2011 but I just had them on my computer which is dangerous.  I should have learned my lesson when my computer was stolen in 2008 and I lost hundreds of photos.  Obviously, I like to live life on the risky side by leaving 2 years worth of photos just sitting on my computer.

I bought a new hard drive and began the tedious process of transferring photos to the hard drive as well as putting them on a disk.  My motivation was actually not that I needed to get them off my computer but that I literally had about 3 GB of memory left on my computer.  That wasn’t going to do with all the photos I like to take.

All that rambling to say that I looked at literally all my photos from 2009 and caught sight of my babies when they were just a little bit younger.  I’ve gone back to find posts that correspond to some of my favorite photos and will be re-posting those this week.  Hope you enjoy!

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