a summer hat for him

Welcome, friends, visiting from Studio JRU.  I am so happy to host Sneak Peek Friday while Jennifer enjoys some time off.  Creativity is a passion and value to me, so I can’t wait to see what creative ventures everyone has been up to this week.  Don’t forget to link up!


Well, we made it to Utah!  My creative project this week happened on the 23 hour drive it took to get here.  About three months ago, my husband requested a knitted spring/summer hat.  I never got around to filling his order.  When I heard that temps here in Park City were 20-30 degrees cooler than our hot Texas temps, I thought, “He could use that hat!”  He told me he was thinking ahead and that’s why he asked for one.  Hmmm…

Anyway, I made a very simple hat that I’m calling His Mountain Air Hat.  I didn’t figure gauge but if you’re interested in the pattern, here goes.

His Mountain Air Hat

mountain air hat

Supplies ~ Worsted weight yarn, size 8 circular needles and dpn’s

CO 76 sts., join to knit in the rnd, place st. marker
k2, p2 for 1.5 in.
Switch to stockinette stitch and knit every rnd until hat measures 5 in.
k to last 2 sts. and k2tog (75 sts.)

Decrease Rnds.
k13, k2tog
k12, k2tog
Continue in this pattern until k8, k2tog and omit knitting in between decrease rnds.
Switch to dpn’s when necessary and knit until k2tog rnd.
Thread yarn on needle and close up hole.
Weave in ends.

mountain air hat back

 I’m deep in conference land here but I’m looking forward to seeing your creativity!  Tomorrow look for our picture journey to get here, crossing five states!

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